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Enrollment for Goodsmith Employees


Let's get your membership started

Thank you for considering Prickly Pear Family Medicine for your primary care needs.  You'll find the membership for our patients is the best healthcare value in Houston. As a treasured employee of Goodsmith, you'll receive 33% off your enrollment fee and your membership rate will be locked-in for the year.  Send us your name and contact information, and we'll connect with you to get your membership started.


    Have Questions?

    Don't be shy! Let us know any questions or concerns you may have. The direct care model we use was previously only available to the affluent.  It's a new experience for most, so we are happy to talk about how we practice medicine.  Some just like to meet Dr. Cindy before they enroll. 

    You can email us directly at or schedule a "Meet & Greet" by clicking the schedule button.  


    Clinic hours are by appointment

    4216-A Ella Blvd, Houston, Tx 77018