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Houston Community Health Resources

A List of Health & Medical Resources

Community health resources  are important to improving health.  Unfortunately, a lot of the resources and programs are not easily found by the general public.  There are so many initiatives by nonprofits, colleges, government agencies and private companies that it becomes almost impossible to know about them all.

Health education and access to resources is a major part of why I started my clinic.  While Prickly Pear provides a wide range of primary care services, sometimes the community needs specialized services.

This page is a living document. I will add more resources as I'm made aware of them or as a need is requested.

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                      Mental Health Resources

Medical Specialists

Public Health

  • BOUNCE | Reduces obesity among minority kids and encourages families to live a heathy by providing opportunities for exercise and nutrition.
  • Dia de la Mujer Latina |   Hosts “health fiestas” that provides health education and  addresses behavioral health needs.